Monday, 10 January 2011

Long, tall and cool after the cup!

This is my favourite photograph taken so far.  I like it because of the spiral staircase in the middle.

I think it is kind of odd to see a full cup of juice just lying in front of the ballet school.   The girls who go there should know better!

I thought this was kind of mysterious.  In movies people climb through these hatches and go to another dimension.


  1. That first photo is so beautiful! Love the staircase.

  2. The first one is my favourite too, Dexter

  3. The hatch does look mysterious - and spooky. It if fun to think up stories about it. I love the staircase, and the cup shows how we should not litter. Very good!

  4. these are great selections. I also like your commentaries about each image.

  5. Great photos Dexter! I think these ones are my favourite...and of course all the ones of Marvin & Carlie! Well done!
    You have quite a talent for photography and maybe in the future, architecture too...!
    Lisa and Kingston

  6. Thank you all so much for the comments, they are all very nice. Lisa, maybe I can get a photo of Kingston some time as I see him often?

  7. This is now Dexter's mum talking! Thank you so much for leaving such lovely comments, Dexter is so pleased. I have put up commentaries on the ones he chose last night for today, but he was too tired he said to put comments hence why they were just photos but that has been changed!

    Lisa, he was very chuffed that you said he had a talent for that or architecture. I am blown away by what he can do, how Anders and I gave birth to such a wonderful person is just beyond our understanding!
    He would also love to photograph Kingston, so as long as he has his camera on him, be prepared!

    Anika, glad you like the commentaries, I was really interested listening to what he said. I am overwhelmed by what he says, especially with regards to the hatch and the spiral staircase. He has an amazing sense of aesthetics, and he is keeping me on my toes that is for sure.

    Big hugs and kisses to you all from me Dexter's Mum (I say this as otherwise Dexter will get embarrassed!)

  8. Hi Dexter & Joanna, Sorry I only just saw your reply to my message. Of course you can photograph Kingston!
    I wanted to check back in and see more of your photos Dexter, and they are fab! You have a great eye for composition! Look forward to seeing more...